ICE.TCP Pro 5.1

Emulate 32-bit versions of Windows on UNIX
5.1.26 (See all)
J. River, Inc.
Take advantage of features inherent in various 32-bit versions of Windows including Win95/98 and NT by connecting them to UNIX hosts via TCP/IP. The utility supports such operations as transparent printing, file transfer, online access, etc. OLE automation is used for data integration.

Connects 32-bit Windows PCs to UNIX hosts via TCP/IP, and delivers reliable terminal emulation, easy-to-use file transfer and transparent printing capabilities. It providestrue 32-bit performance, allowing users to take advantage of features inherent in Windows 95/98 and NT. ICE.TCP Pros Internet-smart features provide configurable HyperHelp, application integration using OLE automation technology, and automated network installation.

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